AI-14146-01 “Monette’s Palette” Chair Overstock Sample

Dimensions —51h32w38d

Seat —23h24.5d25.5arm h.Loose Seat

Back — Tight

Pillows —
   (1) Kidney Throw Pillow
inside width 23.5″
OHT Overstock sample price: $2,495

Inspired by a visit to the art museum, we built this elegant chair to remind ourselves of the moments of awe and wonder we experience standing before works of expert craftsmanship.

This Old Hickory Tannery chair is upholstered in an expressive (yet somehow understated) printed cotton fabric. The pattern of this colorful textile emulates the Impressionist-themed brushwork of masters such as Monet and Van Gogh, but the seat cushion reverses to a conservative, rich brown leather.
Featuring a special hand-painted brushed gold finish that echoes the decorative wooden frames around our favorite masterpieces, this gently curved construction is a quietly glamourous addition to any room.

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