Living Room Set – vintage southwestern fabric

Stocking Dealer Price — $10996

Seat —Loose Seat

Back — Loose

Suggested Retail price for group: 13,147
OHT Sample Price for group: 10,996

Let your home reflect your western heart with this one-of-a-kind statement group:

This living room set features a woven wool fabric from OHT fabric archives – wool is the most durable natural fabric available and will last a lifetime. This red, cream, navy, and goldenrod print is as fashionable now as it was when it was originally woven.

Seat cushions are spring down for the perfect blend of soft and supportive. Back cushions are a luxurious blend down ideal for nestling up into.
The set is trimmed in leather welt and crowned with four velvet pillows with matching leather welt.

Two accent chairs sit on either side of the sofa – or across from it, if you prefer – These chairs are equally comfortable and feature the same vintage wool fabric on the insides, while the outsides are wrapped in our favorite oiled pull-up leather.

The ottoman is also fabric with leather welt and completes the set.

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