Furniture for the Future
Old Hickory Tannery uses only top-grade lumber from sustainable tree farms.
Since 1972
furniture as art
Antiques of the Future
Quality First

At Old Hickory Tannery, we believe that valuable objects should be cherished, used, and passed down from generation to generation. This is why each of our pieces are strong, durable, innovative, and exude timeless design.

Each piece of Old Hickory Tannery furniture is individually built in the U.S.A. by skilled artisans. We always use the highest-quality materials available in manufacturing our luxurious creations.

 While we are always looking for ways to improve our designs, quality remains the main objective. We don’t want to just build furniture; our goal is to to create incredibly-built pieces that make your room a work of art. 

Old Hickory Tannery furniture represents originality, comfort, innovation, and fashion-forward thinking while still staying true to timeless design.

You can feel confident that your Old Hickory Tannery heirloom is the finest upholstered furniture on the market.

The Antiques of the Future

Proudly made by hand by skilled craftsmen in America.

Since 1972 in the furniture industry our success has come from always expressing ourselves using only quality products from the inside to the outside of our creations. We search back alleys, attics, and all over America and Europe to find our enduring styles of timeless designs. That is why at Old Hickory Tannery we believe that true value is having a product that one can cherish and pass down to future generations. A product that is of worth, that is strong, lasting that is innovative and fashion-forward. That is the product we manufacture on a daily basis.