Lava Dusted Black

Color: black with dust
Grade: L4
Sometimes inspiration for OHT pieces comes in the subtle details: in this case, the details of a photograph from an old magazine.
A simple photo of a model lounging in a dusty armchair.
And that’s where our imaginations took over.
“An ornate armchair discovered in an abandoned mansion… covered in layers of dust and cobwebs that, when swept away, reveal a truly incredible work of art of elegant construction that makes your heartbeat quicken.”
We recreated the feeling of finding that hidden antique gem with our Dusted Leather.
Using a uniquely Old Hickory Tannery process, a fine layer of dust is blown into the cracks of an aged black leather, making your piece of furniture an instant “antique” treasure.
Old Hickory Tannery’s Dusted Leather is available ONLY in black.
For this leather without the dusting process, search “Lava Black” on our website.