1031 Sectional Sofa

Dimensions —31.5h112w64.5d

Seat —19h31.5arm h.Tight Tufted Seat

Back — Tight Tufted

Overall dimensions above are for configuration as shown.

As Shown 1031 LACHS-RAL Sectional:
1031-LACHS Left Arm Chaise
1031-RAL Right Arm Loveseat

Left Arm Chaise dimensions: 31.5h 42 w 64.5d 19sh 50sd 31.5arm h.
Right Arm Loveseat dimensions 31.5h 69w 37.5d 19sh 24sd 31.5arm h.

Chaise and sofa positions are reversible.
Ask about our other configurations!

Customize your own!
See photos for inspiration.

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